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This page gives you some portfolio samples, although I have written countless video and radio scripts, brochures and print copy, web copy, and online content on a wide range of subjects.

Pop Music samples.

Country and Blues samples

Three works of fiction on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, in paperback and Kindle versions.

SLAGBlue Flamingo
When his father dies, 24-year-old Dylan Ryker finds a matchbook his dad had hidden in a drawer. Could it be a clue to the identity of his mystery birth mother? The matchbook, from a bar called the Blue Flamingo, takes him from Chicago to a village in the Florida Panhandle where he goes to work for the owner, Rita Cornwall. What does this woman know that she’s not telling? In his search for answers to where he came from and where his future lies, Dylan finds himself in harm’s way, threatened by a local troublemaker and warned by a religious fanatic to stay away from his daughter, conflicts that lead to the truth but not the one he imagined.

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In 1970, Anna Sorenson faces a critical decision that takes her back to a remote Canadian mining town named Flin Flon and her last year of high school. In 1955, she struggles to deal with her tyrannical mother and dysfunctional family even as the town also heads into crisis: a conflict between the mine and the union turns ugly, the hockey team battles for the championship and bitter cold weather takes an unexpected toll. “Slag” paints a gritty portrait of life in the North and offers a glimpse into the Fifties generation when rock and roll arrived and the strict social fabric began to unravel.

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lphLong Plastic Hallway
When new college grad Ellis McClure and two buddies, Bax and Chloe, run out of money on a fun trip to California, he gets dragged into playing on the street to earn a quick buck. After reaching L.A., all three get caught up in a world of “sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. “ Even as music takes him on a wild spin, Ellis holds back. His messed-up family has left him always on the lookout for an exit in case things don’t work out. The same confusion rules his personal relationships with the beautiful Sofia and the puzzling Randi. The question is: will he choose fight or flight?

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Article samples

Tradition of Tattoo Art in Early Native American Culture
A brief look at the widespread practice of tattooing among early Native American cultures, particularly the Cree and Iroquois.

What Drawing A Tree Can Reveal About Personality
Tree reading is one method used in the field of psychology and psychiatry to reveal the traits of the person who did the drawing. It can also be done for fun.

The Lost Mines and Rare Diamonds of Golcondo
Although the Golconda Mines of India are ancient history, the name is still used to define diamonds of exceptional beauty.

One Homeowner's Ongoing Battle with Carpenter Bees and Other Mid-South Pests
It’s always something when you own a house. But in this part of the country, things that fly, crawl or scamper turn homeowners into pest vigilantes.

Print Samples

med Lipton Noodles & Sauce Caesar Salad Dressing KashiCereal Delbert McClinton Kiss My Face soap Kiss My Face mascara Market Beer Baseball


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Suzi Lindner video. See details at Suzi

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